Check out the hottest new animated series to hit Television- Teapot!  The show was created by Greg Eagles the voice of "Grim" on the "Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" on the Cartoon Network and Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, artist extraordinaire and director of animation studio Smorgasbord Productions. Teapot is an 11 year old boy determined to become a rap superstar. One problem- he was born with NO rhythm! But fortunately he has a huge ego to compensate for his lack of skills.


Greg Eagles - (Creator, Writer, and currently the Voice of Grim on Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)

Greg Eagles Picture soon Eagles is the voice of Teapot as well as several other characters. It is his goal to have Teapot as the first mainstream animated series with a hip-hop theme.  Eagle’s also has several other animated projects in the works!
Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy - (Creative Director, Animator, Designer.
Dahveed Photo soon The Creator of Mad Beanz! Kolodny-Nagy is the creative director of Smorgasbord Productions, an independent animation studio. Currently Kolodny-Nagy is creating animated commercials for both the Pontiac and Coca-Cola billboards in Times Square, NY. He also has a slew of shows he plans to launch on TV in the near future!
Cathy Lewis - The voice of Bouche, Teapot's best friend.
Cathy LewisFrom Richmond California made her way to Los Angeles 1991 to pursue her dream as a Comedian. Since then she became a regular at the world Famous Comedy Store and has produced Comedy Charity events for such organizations such as Cripple Children Society,

The Make A Wish Foundation and her hometown of Richmond California. Her TV credits are The Jenny Jones show, BET Comic View and The Journey of Allen Strange. At present she produces and performs in her own shows on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday nights at the world famous Comedy Store.
Hilda boulware sag- aea- aftra.
Hilda BlouwareVoice of Mother in Teapot. Hilda boulware, a theater veteran and voice-over artist with numerous professional credits, is currently heard on the radio soaps - "it's your world" (abc syndicated) and "whats poppin ' ? ".

Check out our IndieGoGo Project

We have been busy developing the game and now have a PLAYABLE DEMO of the first round. It is far from perfect and we are making improvements every day. Even if you choose not to back our project please play the game and give us your feedback.

In the new "Teapot Rap-it-Up" game the player uses his/her skills of timing and rhyme to guide Teapot through multiple stages, following his lyrics and selecting the correct words in time with the beat. You help Teapot as he advances from practicing in his bedroom, to performing on the street corner, to finally performing in front of his idol, the rapper Silkbone. This game will be a casual game that teaches children timing and rhyme with kid friendly songs and characters.

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Updates are being made daily on the game so check back!