Teapot Game Demo

BELOW IS AN INCOMPLETE DEMO OF OUR GAME. We spent the last two years developing the game and now have a PLAYABLE DEMO of the first round.  It is far from perfect and we are making improvements every day.  We have launched the project on Kickstarter.com are looking for backers and offering some AMAZING REWARDS.  Even if you choose not to back our project please play the game and give us your feedback.  

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What is the Teapot 'Rap It Up' Video Game?

The goal for the game was to keep all the cool style and flavor of the original animation but to make it interactive and fun for both kids and adults.  With "Teapot Rap-it-Up" the player uses his/her skills of timing and rhyme to guide Teapot through multiple stages, following his lyrics and selecting the correct words in time with the beat. You help Teapot as he advances from practicing in his bedroom, to performing on the street corner, to finally performing in front of his idol, the rapper Silkbone. This game will be a casual game that teaches children timing and rhyme with kid friendly songs and characters but should be equally enjoyable for adults.

Rewards for Backers

As a group of artists, I feel we have come up with some very creative rewards for our backers.  We want to give our backers the chance to GET ANIMATED and be drawn as animated characters in the game itself!  Since you are helping us make 'Teapot Rap It Up' a reality we want to make you a STAR as well! If there are other ways we can reward you please just let us know.

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